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Thread: Allow me to Re-Introduce myself

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    Allow me to Re-Introduce myself

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    I had an account and was active many years ago. I wanna say 2006 or so. I forgot my user name and created a new account. I sold all my equipment and bought a 2009 R1, I'm trying to get back into the game and need a little help. Okay, so I made mostly Hip Hop and R&B from an MPC 2500, Motif XS and reason 4, I mixed it down in Cubase. I've been looking around and there's a lot of new equipment and software out there now. I loved all the hardware and software I used to use. I'm not sure if I want to go 100% software minus a controller. Here's something I'm considering....

    MPC (Maybe an MPC X)
    Reason 9.5
    Controller (MPK249)
    Keyboard (I had a Motif so I'd like to go that route, not to sure on this one looking for recommendations on board)

    What keyboard would you recommend? reasonable price
    Is MPC 2.0 a good DAW?
    Does MPC 2.0 work with reason?
    What equipment is available that would be a better fit according to how I used to get down?

    I used to use my MPC, Motif and Reason wired into a mixer that fed into a computer through fire wire into separate tracks on Cubase. Id like to find a mixer that could do the same thing, Maybe through USB
    I wasn't to sure where I should post these question, I figured I would just put it in the intro. If I made a mistake no biggie, I can copy and past into separate threads for Software/Hardware. Any advice would be welcomed, thanks.

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    yo, welcome back.

    Havent tried MPC 2.0, but keep getting down with your hands on gear. It's a lot more fun and still (I think) easier to produce with and is more effective.

    yya ya, good to meet ya and welcome back.
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