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Thread: Samuel Barber - Amazing cellos and violins

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    Samuel Barber - Amazing cellos and violins

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    I made this beat-tape some time ago. I have some extra time right now so I want to share some of the samples I used. So here's the first one.

    I used nothing but my old mpc 5000 and records I picked up from the flea markets and record stores. Dollar bins only.

    here's one of the samples I used:

    And here's the beat I made out of the sample posted above:

    Aaand here's the whole beat tape:
    The Dollar Bin Treasures - [Raw 90 s Sound] | Ronnie Creed

    Can I hear some flips?

    EDIT: Also, ask for I.D. on any of the samples on my beat-tape and I'll try to find out what it is.
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