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    I need stuff to SCRATCH

    But serious stuff so what are your opinions off the


    1200 mk2 from technics
    pdx 2000 from vestax (or other good one from vestax)


    The numark pro sm 1 2 3
    The technichs shdj...
    And the vestax isp pro with quadraphonic sound (seems to be good)and the 07 one AND what do i need to make it do this 3d sound.

    And finally where can i buy them in switzerland geneva

    Excuse my english and answer please....

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    Well about the Turntables, you can't go wrong with either of them.

    The SL1200 is the standard and still the best choice for general spinning (mixing/turntablism), the Vestax one is (theoretically) better. It has more features and a straight tonearm, which results in better skip resistance.
    So the best advice I can give you is : if you have the opportunity, test them and get those who you feel most comfortable with.

    Mixer-like : the PRO SM-1 is the scratch mixer from Numark (the other ones are more suited for mixing). Excellent quality (optical faders, adjustable)
    The SHDJ is also an excellent mixer (the one used in the DMC finals). Smooth crossfaders, excellent construction and electronics (you even get a spare x-fader, in the backpanel)
    But know that Technics just released a improved version of this mixer, called the SH-DX1200, with even better EQ's and faders.

    But if you want the creme de la creme for scratching, go for the PMC-07 series from Vestax.
    They come in two versions :
    - The PMC-07Pro Q-bert. The first and most known version. Supersmooth fader, everything adjustable, good EQ's. This WAS the best scratch mixer in the world. WAS because
    - The PMC-07Pro ISP. This is a special series of the PMC-07PRo that adds quadrophony to the Q-Bert. Except that it has all the same specs as the Q-Bert.
    You can spatially control the sound per channel with this mixer through the use of joysticks. All you need for that are minimum 4 speakers (two front, two back, each left/right). It's really cool to play with sound positioning, but you'll have your hands full if you are already fully busy scratching (so I gues a helping hand can sometimes be welcome). It's THE best scratch mixer in the world, but not one of the cheapest (the most expensive in the list you have given). So If you have the money, go for it!!!

    By the way if you are looking for another awesome scratch mixer, look for the Rane TTM-54. One of the best when it comes to sound quality and x-fader quality.

    Sorry, but I can't tell ya where to get them in Switzerland (maybe you can consider to order them online as a last resort)

    Hope this helped
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