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Thread: are those laptop turntables any good for starting out with?

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    are those laptop turntables any good for starting out with?

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    I know nothing about DJing other than "press play" and "DJ". Would something like this work: DJ Live - USB Computer DJ System - ION Audio - Dedicated to Delivering Sound Experiences

    P.S. could someone give me a youtube link on what and how DJing is really about?
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    i do not know if this is a serious question, but there are probably hundreds of basic mixing tutorials on youtube, if you can muster the strength to type it in the search yourself. the documentary Scratch, is well worth checking out.

    good luck.

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    you'd be better off with something like this for beginning Ordering from outside the US - Google Express Help
    Youtube videos on using a midi dj controllert with a virtual dj software, you should get all the info you need there.
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