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Thread: Signal Chain for sampling Vinyl? DJ Table or not?

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    Signal Chain for sampling Vinyl? DJ Table or not?

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    I want to start sampling vinyl and I'm a little bit confused on how to set it up, What Table to use and so forth.

    I bought a table and pre amp to try but I'm not sure if it is the right set-up for what im looking to do (Strictly for listening and sampling)

    I'm not looking for cost effective ways (To an Extent) I'm looking for QUALITY! A good signal chain and Table that will preserve the quality of the record into My Maschine for sampling.

    Right now I bought a Stanton T62 (But I've been reading DJ tables are not good for sampling.... Plus I knocked the needle around since I've never owned a turntable and am scared I messed it up ... LOL) So Is this a good or bad table for Sampling quality vinyl recordings? Some say because it's a straight arm it's bad.

    I bought a Behringer PP400 Phono Pre. Cheapest one. So again, What do I have to spend for quality sound? Is this good enough or should I get a higher end one.

    That will Run A balanced input into my Apogee duet (This part I'm confident of quality lol)

    Any tips or reccomendations will really help me, I'm kind of ripping my hair out trying to figure this all out thought it would be simple lol

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    You're the producer use your ears! Unless there's something majorly wrong you should be able to just hear if the sounds are coming out good or not. If you need to correct anything you've recorded check out Isotope RX and a get good vinyl cleaning kit. You can spend a ton of money on vinyl equipment but it's not necessary. I use a technics 1200 for sampling and also a portable battery powered crosley that costs around $70. I like and use them both.
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