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Thread: Djing with Digital vinyl sistems

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    Djing with Digital vinyl sistems

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    What's up guys? I'm here to ask a couple question about djing with Digital vinyl sistems and the hardware required.
    I'm new into DJing, I have recently got into music production and I'd like to add djing to my skill, I don't own a setup yet but I know the basics.
    I'm into Hip Hop and I would love to learn how to scratch and become a turntablist. I'm also a little into Deep House and chill, faster music than hip hop so i'd probably mix that genre in public as I think it's easier to entertain people even with lower skills, while I'll be taking my time to learn how to do my stuffs for hip hop djing.

    I just bought Serato DJ 'cause it was 50%sale these days and it's the dj software i'm most familiar with, so i'd stick with it.
    I'm still a student so I don't have a real budget to spend, probably just what a Birthday presents from a few relatives can get me, let's say 500€. Since I'd rather spent these money on a setup that can last me a while and i wouldn't need to replace before i feel to i'm here posting questions.

    Let's come to the questions:
    -Is it possible to at least learn how to scratch on a DJ controller? (I've seen and did some researches on the Reloop Terminal Mix series and Gemini G4V)
    -Is the turntable route THE ONLY WAY to go? (I know is the right way, i'll get to that anyway sooner or later)
    -If the turntable route is the way to go even as a beginner, there's still a problem. I won't be able to find and purchase all the vinyls i'd like to play. I've seen this Digital Vinyl Sistem that looks like allowing you to play and mix the music files on your computer through a special vinyl record, so i'd be able to play the music I want without spending the money on expensive records and worrying about not finding what i want to play. AM I RIGHT? It works the way I supposed it does?
    -If the last case is true, about how much will it cost me to get a starter setup working? (Hardware only. I already own serato dj that allows this feature i think ).
    -Can you tell me good (and rather cheaps) turntables and mixers that would allow me to start djing this way?

    Again, i'm not trying to be the best hip hop dj in the world right now, what i wanna do is to own a setup that will allow me to LEARN. Of course i'd rather not dj on the worst setup on planet Earth, so a good mix between quality and saving.
    Thank you very much to anyone wanting to help me! Peace

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    The laptop alone to run sdj alone will cost $1000. Controller wise you need to look at ddj sz or numark ns72 . you can scratch on cheaper controllers but not well at all, baby's and one click flares.

    Based on your budget you should have gone for tts and a mixer and forgotten about software

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