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Thread: "DJ Pool" or "not to DJ Pool"

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    Question "DJ Pool" or "not to DJ Pool"

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    Hi Everyone,

    Is it worth joining a DJ Pool or should I just save my money.

    To quickly sum it up, I like to listen to Remixes of Popular songs and also dig through music that i haven't heard of to see if its worth adding to my collection of music. I have a very extensive range of music expanding across many, many Genres.

    I am a Portable DJ as well as a Club DJ.

    So if its worth joining a DJ Pool I was wondering which DJ Pool would you recommend?
    I am mainly looking for a DJ Pool to keep my Club music updated and find some fresh remixes of popular songs that I can drop.
    Im not looking for a DJ Pool for my Portable DJ Gigs as I already have all the party type music.

    Looking forward to seeing what everyones thinks.
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    If you have the income to support it, like having tunes before anyone else/the general public can get them (usually), and if having access to a legal music collection is important to you (it should be), then yes, by all means do it.

    Not all pools are created equally though. I would carefully research what you're thinking of signing-up for, and weigh what will be available versus monthly cost very carefully...

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    Keeping up with the latest club tunes is a hassle to be honest.

    1. It's time consuming
    2. It can be expensive
    3. It can be hard to find out what people like and get those latest releases

    If you're new, I'd say you should try a pool for a year and see how that goes. If people like the songs and you build a following based on those tracks you've played from the pool then congratulations.

    Back when I was considering these things there was the Ministry of Sound DJ pool which I considered to be something worth going for as I was into that kind of stuff.

    Now I'm just sour.

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    i'd have to agree with both greg and efinque.

    to greg's point,
    if you can afford it than yes, join a record pool. you do want to research and see what people are saying in the reviews section (if they have a review section ). make sure you're getting the best quality audio from which ever pool you go with. because nothings worse than playing on cdj's plugged into $20,000 sound system, and the mp3 you're playing has a bit rate of 128kbps. trust me, everyone will hear the difference!

    to efinque's point,
    i'd say, yes, try a record pool out for a certain amount of time, be it a year, a month of a week. get your record collection, get organized, put it to use and go back and fine tune it. rinse and repeat until you get the results you want. big tip: stay organized. keep your main library on an external drive, have a backup of that and get you a couple of high capacity usb3 drives for your shows, even if you're using traktor or serato.

    my thoughts,
    if you aren't a producer, start making tracks. do some research into which record pool you'll want to join. find au capella and make your own remixes and mashups. next thing you know, you're making your own records!

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    Hi paul i personally think that pool are fine, i use it my self. I use BPM Supreme and with 20 a month you have unlimited download, They have many genre including EDM, remixes hip hop and many other genres and i think you'll find very good tracks in there.

    Have a good one !

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