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Thread: Any DJ's here gone from vinyl to a controller???

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    Any DJ's here gone from vinyl to a controller???

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    I've been spinning for nearly 3 decades, but all of my time has been on pure vinyl, no Serato or anything. I had to let go of my trusty Gemini XL500 mkII's and I'm looking at a controller and Serato, but my concern is making the transition from vinyl to controller/software. For those of you that have made the transition, how was it, how long did it take to adjust to it?
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    Although I collect a ton of vinyl for my own use, I've never been too serious about djing with it. I use the digital vinyl control version of Traktor and have messed with Serato a bit too. Once you get all the cords set up and figure out the interface they're really easy to use. You can use it just like vinyl but you never have to change the record and it'll automatically calculate the bpm and key (although it messes up a fair amount still).

    What I really like about it is the ability to set up cue points. That way I can take a break from a song and make cool transitions to a different track using a midi signal to beat juggle and not have to worry about the needle skipping or my general lack of ability to really beat juggle haha.
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