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Thread: Beat Fighter Season 1 Sign Ups Now Open! Rhythm roulette versus mode live on twitch!

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    Beat Fighter Season 1 Sign Ups Now Open! Rhythm roulette versus mode live on twitch!

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    Here's a link to the original thread:

    What is Beat Fighter?

    Inspired by Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette series on Youtube and the great beat makers on Reddit's r/makinghiphop, Beat Fighter brings four producers/beat makers together in a head-to-head battle to produce a beat from samples provided by the viewers streamed live and direct!

    Over the past month, beta testing for Beat Fighter has shown the incredible potential of the competition format and growth of the event. The two rounds have allowed me to gauge the amount of work and time necessary to organize and prepare the contestants and backside support required to run the event. Its also driven some slight format and technical changes. Big thanks to all those who both directly participated and watched/commented on the events. Without that stress testing, I wouldn't be able to officially announce that Season 1 of Beat Fighter will officially start this month!

    What's a "Season" of Beat Fighter?
    What fun would a competition be if it didn't crown an undisputed winner? The Beat Fighter concept is two-fold: it offers a venue for watching a producer's process from start to finish, under pressure and within a limitation; and it pits a producer's skills and ingenuity against another. The Season format for Beat Fighter expands upon the latter through a tournament bracket structure, eventually leading to a finals match where one producer will be crowned the Beat Fighter Season Champion, earning a pretty cool and useful prize and bragging rights.

    Cool, but how's it going to work?
    Before getting in to the tournament structure, it's important to reiterate the rules for each Beat Fighter event:

    • Before the start of each event, 3 viewers are randomly chosen to submit a sample for use during the round.
    • Samples must be musical in nature, however all samples will be vetted by the Beat Fighter moderator for suitability.
    • Samples must be from a streamed source. No, we will not open any files you send us.
    • Competitors have 3 hours to produce 32 bars incorporating one or more of the user-submitted samples.
    • Competitors MUST produce their submission live during the competition period through their stream.
    • Beats must be uploaded to the competitor's Soundcloud BEFORE the time limit is up.
    • Beats will be available for listening at the Beat Fighter Soundcloud
    • Viewers will have 48 hours to submit their vote for a winner. Link to voting site will be made available immediately upon completion of the time limit.
    • The winner from the previous competition will move on to the next round.

    Ok, so with that out of the way, the tournament will be organized into four stages:
    1) Group Stage: Contestants will be placed into groups via random drawing. This drawing will be done live on the Beat Fighter twitch stream. Contestants will compete during the group stage to enter the Sweet 16 by placing in the top two of their group as voted on by the viewers. During Group Stage, everyone in the group will compete against only those in their groups. Number of contestants per group may exceed four total, with the final number being dependent on total number of sign ups.

    2) Quarter-Final (Sweet 16): Contestants who have successfully moved on from the Group stage by placing in the top two for their group will be entered into the Sweet 16 pool. The contestants in this pool will be randomly drawn into 4 groups of 4, and will compete to place first in their groups during this stage.

    3) Semi-Finals: The winners of each quarter-final group will compete will be randomly drawn into two groups, in which they will compete in a head-to-head battle.

    4) Beat Fighter Championship: In the final round, the two remaining competitors will face off in a head-to-head match.


    As per usual, threads for the week's upcoming rounds will be posted during the week prior confirming the date and time of the event, individual profiles of the participants, and any new information.
    5 October 2015: Sign ups begin. Sign up by [clicking here and filling out this form](
    Midnight 10 October 2015: Sign ups for Season 1 officially end.
    11 October 2015: Group Stage Drawing Event done live at Twitch.
    18 October 2015: Round 1 (Groups A/B)
    1 November 2015: Round 1 cont. (Groups C/D)
    8 November 2015: Round 1 cont. (Groups E/F)
    15 November 2015: Round 1 cont. (Groups G/H)
    22 November 2015: Round 2 Drawing Event (Sweet 16)
    6 December 2015: Round 2 Quarter- Finals (Groups 1/2)
    13 December 2015: Round 2 Quarter-Finals cont. (Groups 3/4)
    10 January 2015: Semi-Finals
    24 January 2015: Beat Fighter Championship

    Please note all dates are subject to change based on any number of factors. I'm just a dude with normal life shit like everyone else.

    As the winner of the Beat Fighter Beta Test, Sandurz is automatically seeded into the Group Stage, and will be able to choose which Group he will compete in prior to the drawing (so he doesn't know who else will be drawn into that group with him).

    How many people will you be allowing to sign up?
    There *has* to be a number of competitors divisible by 8 just because math. This means that the Group Stage will at a minimum need 32 sign ups. We're good on that already. From there, the next cutoff will be 40, then 48, ect. Regardless of the number of slots, all sign ups will go into the pool to be drawn.

    Do I really have to be able to stream? Can I do this if I don't have a webcam/microphone/ability to stream?
    Unfortunately, no. I recognize that this is a bottleneck and that there are some very talented people who want to participate but can't by virtue of being unable to stream. The very nature of this competition is that it shows the creative process live and under a time limit. That being said, the tools needed to stream are minimal and very inexpensive: a microphone (quality does not matter), a webcam, and broadcasting software (Open Broadcasting Software is FREE). Actually getting your stream up and running is very easy, and I am available to assist you at any time. In general, a 2 mbps *upload* speed is the minimum required to have a consistent non-buffering stream, but this can vary significantly depending on your ISP. If you are unsure about this, there are a ton of resources online detailing streaming settings for different connection speeds. If you have high speed internet, it is likely you are able to stream.

    But I don't want to talk/show my face I just want to make beats!
    Even though this is a competition and the beats are all that matters, part of it is allowing the viewers to observe your creative process and interact with you during the stream. Not only that, but as the host of the event we're gonna be talking on stream. You gotta give that post-win interview man! Think of it as a chance to practice your public persona, increase your confidence, and connect with listeners to expand your audience. You don't even have to show your face on stream! Point your camera at your instrument of choice and let people see your physical workflow. If you're worried about outside noise, use the push-to-talk setting on your mic and only talk when you want to talk. Again, I'll be available to help you get set up if you need help.

    Do I have to make hip hop?
    Short answer, no. Long answer? Well, this whole thing is in the spirit of digging through crates of vinyl, finding samples, and turning that into a hip hop beat. You don't *have* to make a hip hop beat, the rules state that you must produce at least 32 bars and use one of the three samples. You can make post-modern neo-soul dubtrance chillstep if you want. Just understand the audience that's already established for this event probably won't be feeling it, and those are your voters. We'd probably appreciate the effort and applaud your obvious production skills. But let's just unofficially consider this a hip hop beat contest.

    Sundays are a bad time for me, and I think you must hate Europeans...
    Yeah, I'm just a dude with a wife and a kid and a 9-5 (mostly) just like everyone else, and I live in the US. I'm not able to please everyone, and Sundays are just when I'm able to do the events. If this is a deal-breaker for you, I'm truly sorry The good news though, is that the way the events are broken up, as a competitor should you advance through the rounds there is a solid three weeks or more between events you would be required to attend. If its every once in a while, hopefully you would be able to make arrangements to compete.

    What happens if I can't compete in a particular round?
    If you're participating in the quarter final or later rounds, I will handle this on a case-by-case basis. Depending on the other competitors, I may be able to adjust the time or date to suit you, within reason. I get that shit happens. Hell, the likelihood of at least *one* of these dates changing is pretty good. I just ask that if you sign up you do so in good faith. If you are unable to participate in a round and the date/time cannot be changed, your spot will be forfeit.

    No fair! Group X got dope samples but my group got shit samples and that's why I lost!
    First of all, throughout the tournament you're only competing against whomever else is in your group at any given stage, so those guys are dealing with the same shitty samples as you are. Second, that's just the name of the game. Maybe you'll get Barbie Girl, maybe you'll get Its So Cold In The D.

    If I signed up for the Beat Fighter Beta Test, do I have to sign up again?
    Nope, if you've filled out this form to sign up for the Beta Test then I already have your information. I will be sending you an email notifying you that you've been entered into the Group Stage drawing. If you fail to respond to this email, you will not be entered! So, check your email, and when you do get it, just respond back that you're in. Easy peasy.

    I can't compete, but I definitely want to support this awesome endeavor!
    Well, just by following, spreading the word, and watching you're already showing love! But, there are a few things I could always use some help in...If you're an artist and you have so much free time and enthusiasm that you want to help me with art assets, shoot me an email. I am not an artist, so I won't be turning down anyone volunteering. I've got some specific ideas in the works that I could definitely use an artist's touch on. If you want to get some music featured on Beat Fighter, create a Beat Fighter theme and I'll play it. If you want to donate real life actual money, you can find the donation link here (, just click the "INSERT COIN" button. All proceeds go towards an awesome prize for the winner! You can also help me out by proactively spreading the word among other online communities and your friends. I'm trying, but I can't hit everywhere. Spread the word by tweet, facebook post, your own twitch stream, anything. If you are a wiz at web site stuff, I've purchased for future use. I'm going to attempt to get it up and running sooner rather than later, but I haven't even dipped my toes into web design, so...If you have any experience with web design I'd love to chat with you, just to tell you my vision for the site and you can have a good laugh and wish me luck.

    You know the title of this post says sign ups end 11 October but in this post you're saying midnight on 10 October, right?
    This wouldn't be a Beat Fighter thread without something I missed! Sign ups end midnight on 10 October. That's technically 12:00 a.m. EST on 11 October. If you are looking at a calendar right now and the date is 11 October, it's too late for you to sign up. Sorry.

    This space saved for even more FAQs


    You can track any Beat Fighter news and follow Beat Fighter on Twitch by clicking HERE (
    Follow Beat Fighter on Twitter (
    All the submissions past and present, plus Beat Fighter Themes can be found on the Beat Fighter Soundcloud (
    If you've got any questions/comments/complaints you can email me at

    Remember, sign ups end at midnight on 10 October 2015!
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