First, I am a life long fan of Hip-hop as a musical genre. I am not fond of the culture, as I grew up around ghetto and poor people and I see they are poor because of the choices they make in life. IE they follow the stupid example they're paRENTs set for them. Poverty is a sin, not standing up and demanding what is rightfully yours is a sin. Working a blue collar job, KNOWING you're a slave (You're making the owner of your company wealthy, while you're compensated in crumbs!!!)

wHAT i FIND MOST DISTURBING IS THE IMMORALITY, VANITY AND SELF-SERVING/DESTRUCTIVENESS OF MY GENERATION!!! The more people you have sex with, the less energy you'll have. Alcohol ruins your brain, pills kill you, pot isn't always harmless. Porn is addictive. Sugar is bad for you. BEING COMFORTABLE ISN"T GOOD FOR YOU!!!

I don't fit into you box. I am not of your world!!!!! The kingdom of heaven is near!! Let ye see thy presence of thy lord. Let ye bask in his glow.

Would Jsus find black culture today as he found us Jews 2020 years ago? IF you think the answers yes, change thy blackness into light. I am not religious, I am an orignial Jew though thy blood sacrifice of our lord Yeshia. Thy grace has been extended to the world, through the out stretchered hand of God! Allow his hand to bless you like I did.