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Thread: Timbaland Announces Titles For Missy Elliott’s Next Singles

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    Timbaland Announces Titles For Missy Elliott’s Next Singles

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    Fans of Missy Elliott can rejoice. Not only as Missy Elliott dropping a single soon, but the Virginia rapper/producer will actually be dropping two. Moreover, it appears Missy will actually be gracing fans with the singles on Labor Day weekend. If longtime collaborator Timbaland’s tweet is accurate, the song titles will be “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat”:

    Read full story here >>> Timbaland Announces Titles For Missy Elliott’s Next Singles

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    im happy to hear they are working together again. now if we can reunite the rest of the swing mob and let me sit in on some sessions. then my world would improve. thus making the world a better place, because i'd be that much happier and the enthusiasm is contagious.

    "nuthin but a b-party" was one of the dopest sleeper hits/b-side tracks that they should just go back and re-record.

    and some of them old ginuwine tracks were really crazy too. need to just hit the vault. if devante got some royalties or paid to release his hold on the vault i think everyone would be winning.

    i think they underestimate how far ahead of their time they were with that sound.

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