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Full Interview here: Yung Lan on Producing Blac Youngsta's Latest Hit 'Booty' and Come Up In The Industry - Sound Plug

How did you meet Fetty Wap?

My barber, who’s named Frank White, who’s from Passaic, New Jersey, right by Patterson, showed me Fetty’s video for ‘Trap Queen’, before the song even blew up. He told me Fetty just signed to 300, you should check him out. I didn’t think much about it for real. Then a month later I saw him on a Hot 97 interview, and I see him blowing up so I said let me hit him up. Then I found his email on Twitter, sent him some beats, he responded that night and he told me ‘ya shit crazy bro keep sending me beats’. Then probably about a week later he recorded RGF Island and that ended up being our first song together.

How the beat came together for RGF Island? You remember what year that was?

It’s crazy, in 2015, I was real sick. I just had to surgery on my stomach, I was mad weak but when I got out the hospital that was literally the first beat I made. I remember making the beat trying to make an anthem, with piano, strings, something different than your usual trap beat. I sent it as part of a pack to Fetty and as soon as I heard it, I knew it was gonna be a hit.