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Thread: need tips on expanding my sound / style

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    need tips on expanding my sound / style

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    hey guys im taking a few months break from publishing my work and i really wanted to evolve sound.

    any tips on taking a break and what to do to broaden my concept of sound?

    thanks for the help and merry Christmas
    thoughts ep

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    Well, it boils down to you. Broadening yourself would require learning new things and such.
    Listening to as many different types of audio can actually broaden your ideas too, not easy to explain but you get more ideas when you're exposed to a lot of viewpoints.
    Relaxing is automatic. Havin fun, automatic. Whatever you do now, just build on it. Overtime you just change, that's also automatic.
    Try things in slightly differing ways, do sessions of stuff, learn how to make more sounds etc.

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    try producing other genres than what you usually do, i make whatever comes to my head whether its 80 or 180 bpm. if i need ideas ill check out a few songs from that genre then see what kinda tricks and track structures are popular and apply it to my own stuff. if im not familiar with something i see it as a challenge then try complete it

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