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Thread: Using samples & loops: YES OR NO?

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    >>>>So.. by this logic, that's most of the 80's/90's classic hiphop deemed fake. Pete Rock was the biggest faker of em all!!! That's most of classic house deemed fake, and on and on..<<<<

    Nope. You are misunderstanding what I wrote, and also the history and methodology of the period you reference. Lots of good beat-makers that sampled and looped-- and-- did lots of other things to their tracks. Others (not mentioning names, but one rhymes with Buff Baddy, which also rhymes with B Biddy) pretty derivitive, "fake," and lame.

    By your logic, I could just jack two bars of one of your productions and call it a day.

    Read carefully and for understanding. Put biases aside until all material is fully digested...

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    In electronic music, using samples is pretty basic. Expecially with all the sample based vst instruments out there. Using loops is a shortcut thing.

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