Hello there

I have started an interview series called Cut To The Chase on my website last year and the intention is bring up insights into the life and times of artists, their work/workflows/work-life-balance, their visions, philosophies, high times and struggles. (For a start fellow electronic music artists, friends and "colleagues").

It's on: antilogicberlin.com/post/cut-to-the-chase-with-alic-adamson

On a side note: I also have coming up plugin manufacturers, podcasters, entrepreneurs, all leading a life in music one way or another.
Check this out if it sparks your interest, I hope it's informative and inspiring to fans and upcomers. Feedback welcome

I want to share this one, number 4, with my dear friend Alic / Adamson (GER) who is also the Co Founder and Co Manager of the long living net label Digital Diamonds.