Drum & Bass
Techstep Neurofunk Music

1998 (Age 12) My first contact with Music was a small Tape Deck with Radio and Record-Function from my Mom. My first Tapes was just tracks from Radio, but these Tapes still exists and the Drums in those records was already be like Breakbeat-Drums with mainly bass. The half down Pause Button on my Tapedeck was playing the Tape faster. An malfunction that was presumably a destiny to employ Drum & Bass Music.
1999 I used Magix Music Maker and the included Soundpools to produce an Album. Unreleased, and sadly lost forever.
2001 I played GTA III to listen to MSX Radio.
2002 I switched completely to Drum & Bass Music, I bought my first Tape-Box "Kings of the Jungle 2002 - Drop the Bomb" , I played with Mixsets from Tapes, I extract Drums and Melodys and collect an own Soundpool.
2005 First visits of Events (SAS Tag Team Night, Kings of the Jungle Double Impact, Kings of the Jungle The Festival, Other local events...) sometimes private Partys.
2008 I bought two Technics 1210 MK2 and about 200 second hand Drum & Bass Vinyls. Thenceforth I bought new Vinyls.
2011 I create my own YouTube Chanel, Soundcloud, and other Online-Networks and Profiles...
2012 I produced my first own Track and upload it to the World Wide Web. I bought my first Digital 4-Deck DJ Controller.
2016 My first Mixset with only my own Tracks goes to the Internet.