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Thread: What does it take to make a dancehall beat?

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    What does it take to make a dancehall beat?

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    Hi, I have djing in nyc for years now and have gotten into computerized remixing lately. I am highly interested in producing my own dancehall beats but I have no idea where to start.

    Can somehow help me out here? Would I need a machine like the mpc 2000? Would I be able to start making beats with the sample preloaded in that machine or would I have to buy seperate sample libraries? Would anyone know where I can purchase appropriate samples to make dancehall beats?

    I want to use these beats for my personal use so anyone that knows anything about making dancehall beats please give me some information.

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    imho, u may use samples u want , it depend on what kind of song u wanna make.
    now i think there's use for ethnics drum kits, tom for roll, but therefore u should be able to make ur own drum sound (think its the same way in hh) to obtain the sound u want.
    doing ragga-hiphop sounds like don corleone, good to go or the all out, u dont need many things, but classical soundsets (synth, brass, hits, horns,)
    if u want more yardcore style like ward21/jammys i think u should look for vinatge synth,
    mpc2k is a sampler, it depend on what u want/got, its more a feeling u may have with this gear. a sampler is a sampler. but his sequencer is tight ... if u use it. u may use whatever sampler u want. lol. esi4k/ ulta5k/eps/asr, dont think there's one way.

    hope this could help :-)
    -- MADininian ONline --

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