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Thread: stalag riddim?

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    Question stalag riddim?

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    ay wassup yall,I was jus wantin to know if yall can name all the songs you can think of that used the stalag riddim,I think thas the name,you know the bam bam one,anyway I got several of em' like,sista nancys,ring the alarm and a couple more,but I really like that riddim,plus if yall can tell me which artist originally used it,thank you,thas all
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    um, there are at least several hundred, maybe more- that is one of the most versioned riddims in reggae.

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    Do a Google search for Raddy's Riddim.
    He had a whopping pdf file with nuff riddim lists in. He emailed it to me once but my PC system has since died and been reborn so I don't have it anymore

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    RING THE ALARM - Tenor Saw... Not FEVER... my bad...
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    (King Jammyís-Label)

    Admiral Tibett Trouble To Man (Woman Is A Trouble)
    Al Campbell Turn Me On
    Ansel Meditation Vision
    Anthony Johnson Too Much Sufferation
    Anthony Redrose Only Human
    Asher Senator Senator No Skin Up
    Augustus Pablo Coconut Oil
    Big Youth All Nation Bow
    Big Youth Jim Squashey
    Black Radical MK II Ainít No Black
    Brigadier Jerry Jah Creation (Born To Love Jah)
    Brigadier Jerry What Kind Of World
    Buju Banton, Ernest Wilson & Major Christie Do Dem Sumpín
    Burro Banton The Don
    Charlie Chaplin Dance In The Atlantic Ocean
    Chilla Rinch Sensi
    Cobra Mr. Wicked In Bed
    Cobra Tight Underneath
    Cocoa Tea Love Me
    Cocoa Tea We Do The Killing
    Cocoa Tea, Garnett Silk & Charlie Chaplin Every Knee Shall Bow
    Coffee Loney Life
    Collin Roach Always Start To Cry
    Colorman Preach The Gospel
    Dean Fraser Sax Excursion
    Dean Frazer Burial
    Dean Frazer Double Croft
    Delly Ranks Respect Due
    Derrick Irie Sexing lab
    Dillinger Cocaine
    Don Angelo Fe Me Daddy
    Dr. Nuts Crazy Glue
    Duckman Real Gun
    Eccleton Jarret Give Thanks And Praise
    Frankie Paul Love Of My Life
    Frankie Paul Merry Christmas
    Freddy McKay Settle For Me
    Future Troubles & Bounty Killer Kill A Soundboy
    Garnett Silk Send Dem
    General Echo Arlene
    Half Pint Crazy Girl
    Hopeton James Let Me Through
    Horace Andy Love Is The Tight
    Horace Martin Water Mallon Man
    Ian Sweetness Ebony Eyes
    J.J. Denton Honey
    Jah Stitch Domino Tournament
    Jah Thomas Nah Get No Loving Tonight
    Jah Thomas, Mafia & Fluxy Stagaback
    Jah Woosh Show Us The Way
    Jigsy King As It Dun Load It Back
    Johnny Osbourne Rub A Dub
    Johnny Ringo Dedicated To Jah
    Junior Brammer Line Up And Come
    Junior More A Medley Of Songs
    Junior Reid Black Man Seed
    King Kong Call Mr. Madden
    King Kong Step On My Corn
    King Solomon Dream Of Me
    Lady Venus Matey Deh Bout
    Leroy Sibbles High Grade
    Linval Thompson Dem A Bawl
    Little John Itís Christmas Time
    Little John Look What You Have Done
    Little Kirk Whatís Love Got To Do
    Lloyd Hemmings Raggamuffiní Soldier
    Lone Ranger Fe Mi Woman A De Besí
    Louie Lepkie 42nd Street
    Lukie D. Hardcore Loving
    Macka B. Bible Reader
    Mega Banton & Daddy Vic Ganja Fi Bun
    Michael Prophet Room Full
    Nicodemus Suzi Wong
    Nitty Gritty False Alarm
    Nitty Gritty Good Morning Teacher
    Nitty Gritty We Three Kings
    Pad Anthony Ease On Down The Road
    Papa Levi Trouble In Africa
    Patrick Andy Come Fe Mash It
    Peter Broogs Dance In A Me Area
    Prince Jammy Rub A Dub Verison
    Prisoner Of War Over Da Hills
    Professor Nuts Crazy Glue
    Ranking Joe African Thing
    Ranking Joe Christine
    Rapper Orett Easy Nu Youthman
    Red Fox No Punny Tonight (No Loviní)
    Reggie Stepper Drum Pon Sound
    Reggie Stepper Kimbo King
    Richie Stephens & Papa San JOB
    Robert Ffrench Have A Merry Christmas
    Sabba Tooth Ganja Man
    Shabba Ranks Roots & Culture
    Sister Nancy Bam Bam
    Spanner Banner Extra Man
    Sugar Minott Jah Jah Rule
    Sugarbear & Silver Boom Fi Di Red Alert
    Super Beagle Dust A Sound Boy
    Super Black We Rule
    Tanya Stephens 1-1-9
    Technique All Stars Stalag 17
    Techniques Stalag
    Tenor Saw Ring The Alarm
    Tenor Saw & Buju Banton Ring The Alarm Quick
    Triston Palmer On Holy Night
    Vigilante Yardie Girls
    Wayne Palmer Hell In Town
    Wayne Palmer Nuh Remember
    Wayne Smith Come Along
    Yami Bolo When A Man In Love
    Yellowman One Yellowman Ina The Yard
    Youth Man Mr. Boss Man

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    DANG! Silly, you got all those? NICE!

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