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Thread: The Future of pun intended!

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    The Future of pun intended!

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    Hi, I have a question!

    With the advent and advancement of technology, today anyone can become a producer given the right investment in time and effort. We all see that software and hardware is getting cheaper and more accessible. I think this is great personally.

    But what does that mean for the old model of renting out a studio, hiring a producer, is this a thing of the past?

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    well, by and large, the old model is going to be dead IMO sooner or later, mostly because there things are moving towards there not being enough income to cover overhead of a large studio.

    what MIGHT make sense is some smaller studios that are OWNED by folks, working at reduced rates. so there are going to be a few silver bullet cases, but not many.....all just my 2 cents there

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