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Thread: Is it worth creating a website for selling beats?

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    Is it worth creating a website for selling beats?

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    Would it be worth creating a beat store and a website, or just a beat store for selling the beats I'll be making soon?

    Please, let me read the legible thoughts and questions of intermediate and experienced website owners and or beat selling producers. I'm open to possibilities that I haven't asked about yet and fully aware of the many online platforms used for selling beats online. I also understand the cost of building a personal website for selling beats online. I'm starting to get back into the swing of things in the studio after a 12yr vacation and am wondering which approach I should take this time around.

    This post isn't a question of whats the best beat selling platform; it's about using a website in combination with a beat selling store. I'm thinking of creating a beat store again, one for those who can't make it to the studio. Most artists can record themselves at home and get decent quality recordings, and I prefer working locally, with those I trust not to steal my equipment. I could continue doing what I'm doing, which is in the fields of audio production sales, and engineering. I get most of my work offline with face to face interactions.

    That was until a friend asked me to help him with his website. Once I began working on his site, I could help but to answer the call of other friends who found out. I have a problem with saying no to people I can about. My friends, as well as I, still have a ways to go as far as our music-making skills are concerned. Nonetheless, we are working songs and websites together in hopes of expanding our listening audiences. We want or will be forced to leave our daily hustles one day. I already manage several websites with different domain names. As of today, too many other people that are just waiting for me to be ready for their websites. All I can say for now is, "In due time." What we do requires rigorous patience and constant learning; anyhow, here's my question.
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