im based in california, four of my songs were picked up for a royalty deal w a group out of london. three ppl in total, I am ASCAP they are PRS, all four tracks were registered eually between the four of us on both ascap and prs w all of our reg numbers. so, my question is, there are a million different places that collect royalites, these tracks will be played and sold on both spotify and google play, i believe i need to go with distrokid to collect those ones, both music and music videos will be promoted on youtube, i believe i need to register with a compahy called audim or something like that, and then there is the non interactive services which include iHeart and Pandora, i believe sound exchange is where i need to register to collect those type of royalties? is there any place im missing? its confusing in order to max out on royalties you have to register your tracks at four or five different collection services. they always say there are so many ways to collect royalties but how do i know exactly which ones i really need cuase its going to cost me about 300-400 a year to collect royalties for four tracks