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Thread: Refusing To Buy Instrumentals Wrong Or Not?

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    Refusing To Buy Instrumentals Wrong Or Not?

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    Has anyone ever bought instrumentals? If so, what was your end game (e.g. releasing on streaming platforms, etc.) and if not did you find offline local producers depending on genre(s), etc. and how/where did you go about finding them (e.g. local shows depending on the city you're in and/or from, etc.)?

    I understand that it takes money to make money (I'm willing to spend on mixing and/or mastering down the line) but just because some was spent is no automatic guarantee of ROI but I'm an adult artist whose interest is Hip Hop and I'm realistic about any personal goal(s) I have (feel free to ask me what they are) and it is because what I'm passionate about came later in life for me and I'm not someone who began music in the stereotypical early childhood and/or teenage years.

    I don't rip popular industry instrumentals as that is a relic of the mixtape era. I try to find originals on YT that are not of the Trap variety. I have no prior musical educational background so self-producing is no ideal route for me and also as someone whose passion is writing/rapping I'd rather not split my time between attempting to learn producing and learning the ins/outs of writing/rapping.
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