I want to share with you a lil tip which can help you a lot to get your music heard by tons of people.

And all that without spending hours to promote it yourself, invest in facebook ads or be featured on worldstarhiphop.

It's a leverage trick. I'll explain you now.

On YouTube there are some big channel called Community channels. Those channels are made to promote content from creator that aren't known.

Guess what ?

Some of those channel are specific for rap music. There are few of them (you probably know some) : Rap Nation, Rap City, Rap Town, Gangster Squad, Steezy Tracks etc.

Those channel accept music submission.

That's mean, you can submit your tracks for free and then (if your song is cool and pro quality) they will post it on their channel.

You can easily understand some channel like than more than 50-100k subscribers, will easily give you exposure without any effort.

You can also search by yourself some rap channel which are less known to get more chance to be published fast on them.

That's the trick, hope that will help you.

To your success,
Starseed Beats