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Thread: Need industry emails to send my beats!!!!!

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    Need industry emails to send my beats!!!!!

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    Can anyone help by dropping some emails so I can maybe get some placements? I've been making beats for 6 years now I need to get them off to some hungry artist in the game. THANK YOU

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    Why? What makes emailing beats a secure way of conducting business for you? Do you care enough to be a pro or is the nothing more than a plea for help because you now realize that you're ready, you've been ready and have nothing to show for it yet?

    You're making your beats easy to steal, stop emailing you beats to people; there are better ways to do this! Yes, you may need to get your money right to qualify for services that shop your beats for you. Most of these services are affordable enough for anyone willing to get money, rather it be through a job or other ethical means. I understand that you're hungry. I was hungry too six years in; so I'm stepping in to help as best I can. It's up to you to do the work though, keep reading if you're understand this.

    The things I'm going to line out in this post are steps that I took, and will take again, when shopping beats to artists and labels. Keep in my that I no longer need to shop my beats as I've established and am growing my career locally in Houston for now, based on methods that are sustainable for business growth in areas of my interests. I make beats when I feel like making them now, not because I have too for money. The business I conduct is face to face for the most part, maybe you don't have that luxury where you live. However, it's important to note the I made it into the music business mostly by using the internet. I've experienced a lot of trial and error over the year; with more to come, which is why I recommend this, with humility. You need start professionally marketing yourself online if you haven't already, this is where you should start.

    You need the following:

    1 or 2 Beat Stores - or Beatstars
    Please just choose one or bothe of these beat stores to place you music in. Artists and beat buyers flock to these sites for buying beats because they're both reliable, and dominate the market. You'll want to set up a PayPal account, do it by clicking here. Read the threads if you want to know what people think about them.

    A website with a domain name that you own
    This isolates you from everyone else on these platform that are also sell beats. If you send artist to your profile, then yes, they will likely listen to your beats. And after that, they're going to move on to other beats on or because they are shoppers and that's what they do. To get responses you will need to send everyone you talk to an meet regarding your beats to an isolated website that you own.

    You can get a Wordpress website from for free, literally. You could own your own domain for... wait for it... $30 PER YEAR! I don't know of anyone who couldn't afford this, nor do I want to honestly. I don't need others dragging me down because too people need my direct and immediate help. And, I'm sure this isn't the first response you want to read from this thread. It's just that you should know that posting your email address online gives the public an ability to subscribe you to unwanted newsletters, spam your email and worse; is this your goal for collecting email address, it doesn't seem like it? Its seems more like you want artists to start buying your beats. If you want to get your music to artists, the best way to that is to allow them to listen to and buy your beats in one secure location. Then put them in a good position to buy from you and go about their business. That's all they want to do in the first place. Try not to over complicate the situation, it's easy to do if you don't have experience selling anything. Or you could use or some other service to help you sell. No matter what though, the results of your sales will be determined by your efforts in selling your beats.

    This is the best way you can start competing for and earning business with music people. Every thing else is a waste of time on money, good luck convincing me otherwise, I know what works. Ironically, it isn't much different from interacting with people face to face with the exception of being able judge a persons body language when communicating with them. Once your beats are literally working for you, it'll be easier to reinvest into getting more attention. You're capable of earning your potential as long as you apply your efforts in the right way. Follow the examples of other producers who know how to get what you want. Find them online and learn from them as much as you can retain. Then go back for more once you've absorbed it all. Never stop learning and growing, and don't ask people to compromise their personal information to help you. Sh*ts suspect...

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    good advice
    i will try this out

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