Hello im trying to distribute my song through the company called (Landr music distribution) but there tellig me the owner of the beat had to make some kind of contract, how would he make it? the beat maker and i are lost. That is his original beat and i payed $50 for it. how does he make acontract for commercial use??

Daniel (LANDR Rescue Squad)

Jan 31, 11:41 EST

Hi Diego,

Daniel here, glad you're releasing with LANDR!

Thanks for sending over those files, LANDR still requires authorization for commercial use.

Can you confirm whether or not you have officially leased this instrumental?
If so, please attach your licensee contract including your terms and conditions of use.

LANDR requires a contract that includes, the licensee, the licensor, the name of the track being leased, the duration (+5 years) of the lease, and the terms of use.
i.e. unlimited streams, 2,500 units sold, YouTube monetization, etc.

A proof of payment for any purchased content should also be provided.​

We need to make sure you have the rights necessary to distribute this content.
I donít want you running into any issues down the line.

All the best,