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    Music Copyright Infringement - WordPress User Blog

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    I started a fresh thread because it looked most were outdated, I am affiliated with the South Park Coalition out of Houston Texas and five or ten of their members music is available for download through a WordPress blog with links to to download full albums in ZIP format. I am new to entertainment law, I'm trying to be of use where I can be of use because many of their artists have been doing music professionally since the mid to late 80's and it's not that I'm trying to get a ace in the hole per se but I've been in music videos with a couple of their members and one member and co-own Heaven's UP Records with another.

    One thing about myself and affiliates, we research investigate and come to KNOW what it is we're doing or are talking about. That way there's no room for error and time isn't wasted. I've already drafted an executive rights contract between the producer at Riva Runz Entertainment out of Tokyo and a friend who is a rapper and a member of the screwed up click.

    Point being, I'm not going to rush learning or executing this and I'm going to bounce it off MANY people and sources before executing it. Does anyone have any words of advice in having the music of someone they represent or are affiliated with off the internet?

    - King
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    This is only for wordpress users blog. . .

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