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Thread: How do I sell beats without naming them "type beats"

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    Question How do I sell beats without naming them "type beats"

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    How do I sell beats without naming them type beats on youtube? My beat is way better than plugg beats but it sounds a little like mexikodro or stoopidxool. I don't want to name it "Mexikodro x StoopidXool x Playboi Carti Type Beat" because that's played out and my stuff is too original.

    Like how Icytwat and Lordfubu sell beats without naming them type beats, how do I do this?

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    They compose the music, then give it a name.

    Not trying to be curt, but don’t overthink things. Either you want to be original, or you want to piggyback off of other artist’s names (not necessarily a bad thing). It’s very hard to do both at the same time though.

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