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Thread: Can you give me some tips to get more views??

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    Can you give me some tips to get more views??

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    I started recently to post my stuff on youtube and soundcloud, can you give some tips to get more visibility and views??
    My youtube: Frank Celsi

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    There's a good amount of forums on reddit that could help you get your stuff out there, just all depending on what you're trying to share

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    The best advise I can give to you is that you need to educate yourself. It's a good thing that you posted here for advise, that's a good start it shows that you're willing to learn.

    The next step is to choose 1 platform. Don't go around using soundcloud, facebook, instagram, youtube, reddit and every other platform out there. That doesn't work these days. Choose 1 platform, it could be any, they all work and none is better. Simply choose one where you're willing to spend time on and feel comfortable with.

    Learn the ins and outs about that platform. See if you can find out why other people become a success on that platform and see if you can replicate their success.

    The shortcut would be to invest in some courses where someone is sharing their own success and shares information that you can't find with a simple google search. Once you're successful in that platform, that's when you use that platform to promote yourself on other platforms to expand and reach more people.

    If you find yourself spending more time on a platform for little to no results, first find out what you might be doing wrong or simply ditch it and move on to another platform. 20% of your marketing efforts should give you 80% results if not then find out what you're missing. It's not always about the money, 90% of the time it's just the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE. That's why I said educate yourself.

    This is why you find people spending money on facebook/instagram Ads and complain that they don't work. The problem is that they simply jumped in without first educating themselves about how to leverage facebook ads.

    Spend hours on google and youtube learning if you have to. Spend time learning 1 platform.

    That's how you get more views and visibility. It's not going to be easy, if it was easy then everybody would be doing it.

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    Tags on youtube are helpful, tag as many relevant topics as possible to start popping up in related videos on other similar videos.

    For Soundcloud, idk...they used to have groups to share music too, but these days playlists and sharing are the way to go. You can see which playlists your songs are in under the stats area.

    Spotify is all playlists, and a bit of sharing as well.

    BUT as always your audience will grow with time so be patient. It'll come, ...but can come faster with good music and hard work.
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