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Thread: Which is better ASCAP or BMI???

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    Which is better ASCAP or BMI???

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    I have a serious question.... Which is a better publishing royalty service for an up and coming producer to sign up for?? ASCAP or BMI?? I've looked at both of them but i'm not sure which is better.... Which is better for a producer??
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    BMI Or ASCAP Which Organization Is Better?

    ASCAP vs BMI vs SESAC | Comparison of PROs | Songtrust

    There are a lot of articles and post the subject, just use Google

    There is no better you have to find which one fits your needs, they both do the same thing
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    There are a few things to have in mind when your looking to join a PRO. Would be can I get them on the phone when I call, is there website easy to find my way around, how do they pay out. Do the focus more on artist, more on producers or more on songwriters. Do they have local chapters or networking events in or close to your area.

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