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Thread: A serious request

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    A serious request

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    I'm looking for someone who's vocal texture sounds similar to this:

    Sweet Green by DC Cornelius | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Lyrics are irrelevant seeing the idea I have is an alien singing for a CGI video idea I'm working on= just sing anything- make it up.... I've used the Realivox software for the vocals in this demo....

    I'm up for sending the backing track to anyone who feels they can help me out here...
    please please=== any ideas are more than welcome!

    Thanks in advance for listening.



    PS.. I feel a need to mention that the track above is not a mix.... It's nothing more than an idea so please don't comment on high-hat, bass volumes, eq etc...i will keep this track on soundcloud for 2 weeks then it's deleted-Thanks

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    You are looking for a alto female vocalist (or a soprano that can reach down a bit, vocally). You want to bathe it in reverb (if you like the sample sound you used). I'd suggest experimenting with an auto-tune type plug-in or device to get that funky key-press attack at the beginnings of notes and phrases. Again, if you want it like your demo. Or, just use what you've got.

    Unfortunately, I can sing pretty high, but I'm not your guy on this one!

    Gregg Juke
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