Yo its mafia beatz , im currently running a contest right now the berst verse gets 2 free beats. Im a Chicago native in Seattle now. i work with artists all over the country. But mainly Chicago artists you might know some. Lud Foe being one. Im part of a production group called Drum Dealerz. With some of Lud foe and 808 mafia affiliated producers like DY and Cicero, Kidwond3r and Spank onna beat.

Every submission will be promoted through multiple social medias.

My bad if i broke any rules by posting this in the introduction. I plan to stick around here though and if anyones tryna work let me know, producers or rappers.

Its being hosted by Rush Radio Network and a couple other big groups on facebook and all good songs are being played.
I'd post links put i need 4 more posts.