Hi there,

I`m a musician/ songwriter from Ghent (Belgium).
I play the trumpet and guitar and play in a Dutch speaking band called Zonen met vaders.

I`m looking for a colloboration with somebody who would like to make a basic track with an EDM feel on a few chords given.
The final product is sung in Dutch and has to have a dance-pop feeling to it.
We would like to use this basic track so we can build further on it. And use this in the recording stage somewhere in the fall season this year.

I would like to invite somebody to make a beat and drops on the chords given. Preferrable somebody who works in Logic Pro.

You will not get paid, cause we`re not earning at the moment. But you will get an honorable mention if we use the track on the record.
If you`re interested contact me by mail and we can share projectfiles and contact further bij skype/ whattsapp.

Kind regards,

NielsDrones van de dromers.mp3