i m stuck in a drum loop of mine. i can feel that it needs more energy by adding a 16th ride (or maybe hi hat or crash) loop since the top end isn't full enough yet, but i went through all my ride single hits as well as ride loops and none of them fitted in the mix so i wanted to ask if someone might want to record this 16th ride loop then export it as 44.1khz 24bit wav, upload it to Free large file hosting. Send big files the easy way! and post or pm me the download link.

you can listen and download (click "more" and then chose "download file") the drum loop here:

136 Bpm Drum Loop by Warriorstance | Free Listening on SoundCloud

ok, fingers crossed someone might have that very right ride sound to add and feels like doing this


ps: if you reckon the drum loop might even need another element (eg. a snare layer and/or backbeat/break) to make it even more energetic/aggressive please feel free to record and upload that/these track(s) as well.