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Thread: CANDY - the next big Pop Sensation Album Production

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    CANDY - the next big Pop Sensation Album Production

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    Okay so I really am interested in becoming the next big pop act since Britney and Gaga, let's create an album filled with hit singles to dance to !
    I feel I have the look, I can dance and my vocals have. Certain sexy tone that mesh well with pop music.
    I want this album to be like Britney Spears Blackout meshed with Lady Gagas's the fame but with a 2018 vibe and amazing production.
    I can write songs but I need a producers that can also contribute to writing and melodys. I need mix engineers that can make vocals sound perfectly tuned and mix the song to sound very professional , I need someone who can help me develop this new trendsetting sound for pop music. Private message me and let's get started.
    My Instagram is Candy.Giselle you can view my photos on there

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    Hey Candy,

    I'm a producer....and have a catchy song:

    SoundClick artist: Aleksandr Saltovskiy - page with MP3 music downloads

    would you like to record it? See the lyrics of a song there too

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