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Thread: Calling all Time Takers

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    Exclamation Calling all Time Takers

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    To anyone whom this may concern, or feels compelled by this thread, Respond immediately. I'm simply looking for producers from all walks of style. I'm exhausted from trying to create songs with instrumentals that have no depth or complexity to them. If you take your time with music, with your art, FUCK IT, IF YOU TAKE YOUR TIME IN LIFE TO GUARANTEE QUALITY IS GIVEN, RESPOND! In this age of Fast food and instant gratification, I strongly believe those who take their time will be rewarded greatly in time. I Don't care if you're a videographer,producer,artist,manager,photographer,lawyer whatever! If quality is greater than quantity for you,Inbox me so we can build a network of those kinds of people. Have a great day!

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    Hit me up.

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    This sounds interesting, and I'd love to discuss in more detail. I have a fairly strong background in classical music, but wasn't doing anything for a long time and I'm just now catching up again. Only 3 songs uploaded, but that's in 2 weeks, so steadily making progress. I like what you described and that kind of dedication towards your own work is motivating.

    I do have a few questions for you, if you don't mind:

    1. What type of music are we talking about? I'm mostly working with EDM at the moment, but hip-hop/rap are in the past.

    2. Are you interested in co-writing the instrumental to the songs, doing vocal parts such as singing or rapping, or both?

    3. Do you plan on selling the tracks we would potentially create?

    4. What's your primary short-term goal? Fame? Cash? Just to share your creations? This will help understand whether you are more interested in commercialization or originality, which could affect the writing process, obviously.

    SoundCloud/Youtube links in my signature, and facebook is (Avghost - Accueil | Facebook) if you want to PM me to discuss further.


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    I love the idea of what you're asking for since I'm someone who also likes to take my time when making my instrumentals and my art. Though I might be a little late in responding to your post I do hope you're still interested in linking up with folks of your mentality and drive. My producer name is RGrefen and I'm an Alternative Hip Hop instrumentalists (R.Grefen | R Grefen | Free Listening on SoundCloud). On my soundcloud page I've developed a catalog and a range of what kinds of music I can do and I do my best to update my tune profile as much as possible. My email is Respond when you can.


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