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  1. Hey, i got your message, and you can add me on facebook or if that doesnt work just search dasota gabriele and yes, i would def collab, do you have anything online? maybe a song or a freestyle or somethin i can check out? even if its unfished, it doesnt matter. and i pretty much rap about everything and anything, lyrical content, life content, most of the things i do talk about relate to my life in one way or another or are things i would like or want or things ive been through, so im pretty diverse when it comes to that
  2. hey mate how you doing?? do you have msn or skype or facebook id like to collab with you - i produce and rap but i think its best we use some finished tracks to begin with. i like your rapping style i think we would have some good trade off raps! i aint got much online to show yet/ been holding back from uploading stuff. need to get on to rapping big time. lets talk soon and get a new song made!

    what kind of things would you like to rap about? i can rap about pretty much everything been through alot in this life haha
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