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  • bro i know its random but i saw a thread you posted on (some guy selling an mpk25 and mpd18) and you were talking about using a midi controller as a master control and FL as the slave/not sure of the term... how would you do that? and could you explain a little bit more bro? if not its all good man PEACE
    eh boss I see you like that beat me n boy dMill did make sure you check out my site if you are working on a mixtape or anything lemme know if I **** with your music i'll give you a few free leases for sure!
    yo man u kool? i been lookin at that fast track usb but there seems to be a couple of them.. which 1 should i go 4? thanks!
    Whats good fam, Thanks for posting up the link for the sp1200...However, I think the link was down when I tried to download it..can you send me info on how to download that sp1200 vst and also your rapid share link
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