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  1. Sorry it took so long to respond. It depends on the software you use. So check out these options. Great bang for the buck.

    PSP Oldtimer - Smooth and great compression $99
    Waves AudioTrack Native - High quality channel strip for cheap $49
    Massey Plugins - Amazing but for ProTools only. $50-$80 each
    McDSP Project Studio Le bundle - Amazing but for ProTools only. $79
    Waves Renaissance Reverb Native - Great and only $49

    Some do require iLok.

    Also look into the Don't Crack V.I.P. bundle. Great sounding plugs.
  2. Hi i was wondering what plugins would be good for mixing vocals when your just starting out with mixing them. I dont wanna spend over 5k on a waves bundle, and take a long time to understand it all. The highest i would go on price range would be 500. Hope you can help. Thanks.
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