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  1. Hey! Well how many chops you need is really up to the sample, but if its got drums i would suggest chopping each count (each 1/4 note) making a 4 bar loop 16 chops. These can later be edited individually by adjusting the start point of each chop. If for example you feel that in the 2nd bar theres a part that feels rushed > you just go to for example chop 7 and either make it longer or shorter, get it?
    By chopping with care and really listenign to the music you can make it real tight, which should be a goal (at least to me)
  2. hey man thanks for the input! that totally makes sense. since I posted those songs I stopped tuning my samples from the turntable and started doing it in my DAW. as far as getting my sample tighter with my drums sometimes I struggle doing that. you said chop for each count so like if they are playing 16th notes in the sample chop for each 1,e,+,a? like each individual 16th note?

    sorry I'm so late to this too
  3. Hey! I was expecting way worse man this wasnt all that shabby -cool samples with a nice vibe. A thing which you could focus on is making it even tighter - chop the sample in each count and adjust start times so that the sample plays tightly along with your drums.
    Also if you wanna combine stuff from different sources i would suggest not pitching it on the turntable but rather in the sampler/daw so that it stays tuned to a exact full note, cus then its easier to put something else on top of that. makes sense?
  4. Hey man, could you give these a listen I think you'll see how I'm struggling better any criticism is good for me at this point.
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