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  1. Hi, have you considered using an actual Piano emulation plugin? At the time when this song was made, Avicii used FL Studio (and for a long time after that track as well, but I think he uses Logic Pro now), so he might as well have used the FL Keys rompler-plugin, which can deliver that hard and bright tone very well.
    But then you do of course have lots of great emulation presets in different synths...
  2. Hi steffeeh ! I wonder if you know how to make the piano layer to Avicii's Seek Bromance ? It sounds like some form of virus preset ? A really cool retro trance anthem style sound I would like to learn how to make. The preset "Hello Virus" in Sylenth is close, and "Trance Anthem" in z3ta, and some of the leads in Nexus, but still not spot on.
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