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Cybercrime is a broad term and includes many things in it. This basically means all crimes committed using computers and the internet. Often, this is used to refer to credit card fraud, threatening someone, denial of service attacks and the spread of malicious code.

Some people use your information and credit cards to shop via the internet (online shopping). Most of the time, you don't realize it and only know when you get a monthly credit card bill or something like that. It was very common a few years ago but that does not mean that it has been eliminated. it happened today too, but it has become very rare.

You can easily avoid things like that by taking care of a number of things. Most of the time, hackers collect your information from your trash or garbage. I am serious about this. Many people don't realize the importance of receipts or documents you get from the bank and without destroying them, put them in their trash. These documents have a lot of sensitive things to them and if anyone gets them, it is one step closer to hacking your credit card. So, don't throw away things like that without destroying them and don't share sensitive information like that even with your closest friends.

Then came someone who threatened. As you may have realized now that if you get some personal information, you can send them a black email. There is almost no cure for this because in the internet world, it is very rare to track broken people on your system. So, you can only prevent someone from entering your personal life, but once someone deceives you, there is little hope.

Then came the spread of malicious code. A malicious code is a program code that is intentionally written to do bad things. There are unlimited codes like this on the internet right now and you can become their victim at any time while browsing the internet. They may be potentially dangerous and trigger unwanted actions.

To prevent things like that, keep updating your operating system, install anti-virus and keep updating it too. Also, don't explore irrelevant websites and if you get a message from a firewall, anti-virus or web browser, don't ignore it. Read carefully and if you say things like the risk of malware or this site can affect your computer, DO NOT open the website. The same applies to email attachments.
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