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Thread: ^^Future Producers feedback and Networking - Get Noticed!

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    ^^Future Producers feedback and Networking - Get Noticed!

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    Hey everyone. Today I was listening to a beat the other day of a Soundcloud user with 39 followers. He had been on there for a substantially longer period of time than me and I'm at 280. I realized that many new producers don't understand marketing principals.

    If you want to sell beats, a buzz will help people notice you.

    I understand we have a marketing section however I wanted to place this here because you guys are the ones providing me with feedback and I think it would be great if we each other branch out. One easy way to do this is to create contacts, people who will honestly critique your work in a message.

    I found we had these on Soundcloud as well.

    Another marketing concept is seeding. The more plants you seed, the more plants you get. A seed is when someone plays (plants) your song (Anywhere public) for you. The easiest way to get seeds is to socialize with other producers over all forms of social media and plant seeds for each other. This is mutually beneficial and called networking.

    So post your Social media links if you have them and create them if you don't and start talking.

    Also only play the songs you like, if you post others stuff but don't get any back don't worry, it means your tracks can use some more work.

    **That is what these forums are for.

    Soundcloud is great for posting other peoples songs when you like them. When someone posts one of your beats return the favor by either:

    A. Repost something you like of theirs on your wall
    B. Critique something of theirs.

    This always helps both producers!

    Find me @

    Tumblr of ThreadyBeats

    Post your connections here!

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    we have several good threads already going for social links

    official facebook thread

    official twitter thread

    fp massive networking thread

    post your soundcloud if u got heat


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