Greetings everyone! I would like to share with you guys a new sound set that I'm working on at the moment called Serene Horizon for the most excellent and beautiful synth Diversion. It's such a wonderfully intuitive and exceptionally beautiful sounding synth with very rich sounding oscillators. If you guys weren't aware of this gem yet, I suggest giving it a spin.

About the sound set::::::

At the moment there are over 200 presets containing some really beautiful pads that have lots of fluid and ambient motion in there, perfect for chill out- ambient type of genres. It will also come with loads of basses, sequences, arps, drums, vocal patches (using the wave import feature), some thick plucks (very nord sounding) and many leads that would work for anything really, but artists working in the fields of goa-psy, progressive trance or any of the other edm genres might get the extra mile with them I expect it to be ready within a week or two.

For now, have a listen to a few of the more ambient style pad patches to get a quick feel of the direction and overall quality of the patches.

A really love ambient soundscape in a synthesized jungle.
All sounds made in one patch from the upcoming soundset. The jungle bird sound is entirely synthesized. Cool Stuff! Made by assigning a bell comb filter with high resonance to a mseg and assigning the rate to and x y pad.

Here are two more similar ones that have the comb filter assigned to an mseg. With high resonation settings, its possible to create a pseudo sequencer.