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MASSIVE - 70s and 80s banks - Xenos Soundworks

MP3 Demo: (by Irion Da Ronin)

'70s and 80s Synths Volume 3' contains 64 patches for NI Massive. We went all-out for this 3rd volume in the series, with thick analog leads, punchy basses, beautiful retro pads and plucked synths. Some influences include Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Human League, Wham, Kim Wilde, Jean-Micheal Jarre, early Micheal Jackson tunes, James Brown, Kool and the Gang, and plenty more.

- KSD and NMSV formats included
- All 8 Macros assigned on each patch.

Patch List

AT Dark Modular Drone
AT Sensi Star Dub
BA 80s Pop
BA Alphaville
BA Bandpass Bass
BA Bit Of Dirt
BA Cherry Soda
BA CZ Bass
BA D Mode
BA Digi Bass 1
BA Digi Bass 2
BA Large Marge
BA Peppy
BA Rezzy Spikes
BA Saw Bass
BA Sub Bass
BA Wow Bass
BL Analog Mallets
BL Bent Bellsynth
BR Synth Brass 1
BR Synth Brass 2
DR Electro Toms
FX Dub Jelly
FX Noise Sweep
FX Spacey Riser
KB Analog Piano 2
KB Gospel Organ
LD Anal OG
LD Beautifully Unstable
LD Bright Solo
LD Electrofiddle
LD Gentle Vowels
LD Gospel Lead
LD Lavender
LD Nu Soul
LD Phat Lady Sings
LD Poly Lead
LD Pulse Lead 1
LD Pulse Lead 2
LD Saw Lead
LD Spiked 5ths
PD Anna Logue
PD Golden Oldie Strings
PD Mystery
PD Phat Sweeps
PD Polyphonic Modular
PD Raw And Dry
PD Retro Layers
PD Sweet Vintage Pad
PL Analog Harp
PL Classic Poly
PL Kawai
PL Plastic Square Plucks
PL Plucksynth
PL Punchy Bells
PL Smooth Digital
PL Soft Plucks
PL Spinner
PL Synth Pizzi
PL Tokyo Funk
PL Tracked PWM
PL Victory Of Love
PL Warm N Punchy