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Thread: Vocal stretching!

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    Vocal stretching!

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    Hi guys,

    I hope all is well.

    Today I've recorded a song with a singer / songwriter. My instrumental has a BPM of 90 BPM in the break and goes up to a 100 BPM from the beginning of the hook to the drop. Also the singer speeded up the singing in the recording ofcourse.

    I use FL Studio 12

    Now, when I put my vocal together with the project my vocal starts moving on "resample" mode. it sounds good when you start the project from the beginning. But when I want to play the project elsewhere the vocal is completely out of time. On this way it's impossible to work on the drop or second break etc.. Your first reaction would be: Change your vocal to "Stretch" mode or any kind of sample mode. But when I do that, the timing of the vocal is not correct at all because she speeds up in the recording ofcourse.

    Also I tried to deactivate the tempo automation, but it didn't work...

    I've searched everywhere on the internet but could't find any sites or topics explaining or discussing about this issue.

    If you guys know more about this, I would really like to hear out!


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    I would suggest do not resample it, let it done its work and after you mixed them into a track, then resample the track. This can avoid your issue.

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