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Thread: TRIPLE RELEASE from Wide Blue Sound

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    TRIPLE RELEASE from Wide Blue Sound

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    We have some exciting news!

    We have 3 (!) new things to share with you. First:

    APEX, Expander Pack for Orbit.

    AETERNA, Expander Pack for Eclipse.

    Apex adds a sense of awe to any production. Inspired by electronic cinematic masters Tycho, Ulrich Schnauss, Jon Hopkins, and Boards of Canada, we've brought you vibrant pads, emotional leads, and provocative pulses to inspire emotion for your listeners.

    Eclipse's ferocious might is amplified further by Aeterna, ideal for action, drama and trailers. Fiery leads, aggressive sequences, and colossal moments inject energy to your compositions. Provide unrelenting tension and abstraction with Aeterna.

    These two packs contain 80 patches each and contain some of the best sounds we've ever heard from the synths. You will be blown away.

    Price: $39 each
    Introductory price only $29!


    A whole new way to use ORBIT and ECLIPSE
    with Multitouch Performance, Intelligent Patch Generator, and more.

    SKYPAD is a boundary-pushing remote and creative automation tool that runs on any iOS or Android tablet with the Lemur app installed. It adds hands-on control of every parameter in ORBIT and ECLIPSE, and more importantly adds many brand-new features to the synths.

    Using the Lemur engine (sold separately) you can now touch and manipulate every parameter of our instruments to record several motions straight into your DAW. We include several smart controllers with cool physics - use gravity and energy to modulate sound.

    We even built an intelligent patch generator to assist you in making new unique sounds based on your choice of musical keywords. It’s fast and amazing.

    And best of all - IT’S FREE! We’re so excited by the way SKYPAD extends and enhances the whole experience of using our instruments, we want to put this into the hands of all our users.

    Get ready to hear ORBIT and ECLIPSE in whole new ways, with SKYPAD, APEX and AETERNA.

    Nathan Rightnour, Jeff Rona and the team at Wide Blue Sound
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