Im getting an error everytime I try to install Pro Tools 8.0.3. It says "the following installation step failed: run preflight script for Pro Tools Creative Collection, Contact the software manufacturer for assitance."

Im running a Brand New Macbook Pro 4gb DDr3 Ram, 320gb memory, Mac OS X snow leapord 10.6.7 (latest). I have mbox mini 2, that is really brand new since i wasnt able to use until now really. Fresh disk and all.

I have tried uninstalling and restarting multiple times. It installs Pro Tools with the basic plugins, Digi EQ III, Delay etc... But no Xpand, Boom, Air plugins.
I tried trashing certain preferences in protools and was told to try and install it on my mac under a different account. Everything failed.

I have already used my "complimentary phone call" on a imac a year ago when it wouldnt install correctly (Updated the OS X)

Can anyone please assist me with this?!