Auburn Sounds has released RENEGATE, a full-band Gate plug-in that is particularly quick to operate.
Available as a VST / AU / AAX / LV2 plug-in for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Introduction Video


RENEGATE has an always smooth, natural sound, and is aimed at simplifying gating.

But surface-level simplicity is only possible because it's complicated on the inside.

RENEGATE FREE is highly adaptive:

  • Program-dependent Auto-hysteresis captures the desired phenomenon.
  • Builtin Look-Ahead for always being aligned with transients.
  • Program-Dependent Auto-Release.
  • Expensive 43 bands psychoacoustic auditory model for human-like
    loudness detection.
  • Sample-accurate MIDI opening and can open manually with a click.

RENEGATE FULL also features:

  • Alternative ways to apply Gain Reduction: LP and HP.
  • Oversampling.
  • Built-in 16-steps Sequencer.
  • Raw vs Smooth knob to get back digital grit if needed.

Auburn Sounds hopes to make RENEGATE a workhorse plug-in for all your creative (or boring) gating needs.

  • RENEGATE FREE is a quick and easy freeware gate, that you can use with no time limit. Extended features are greyed out.
  • RENEGATE FULL is available at a definitive price of $29.

More details with less marketing:
👉 Auburn Sounds - Introducing Renegate

Download it on the plug-in homepage:
👉 Auburn Sounds - Renegate, smooth workhorse gate