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Thread: Keep MiniLogue or Buy Omnisphere?

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    Keep MiniLogue or Buy Omnisphere?

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    Hi there,

    Currently I have a Korg Minilogue as a synth to provide me with ideas and great sounds for my tracks, however I have recently been looking at buying the software synth OmniSphere. Only thing is, Omnisphere is pretty expensive and I can see the only way I could afford it would be to sell my minilogue. Can anyone give me some advice on whether I should keep my Minilogue or whether I should sell it and get omnisphere instead to provide me with ideas/be my main synth.

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    Do you prefer working with hardware or software? What do you know about synthesis? Do you feel like you’ve really used the Minilogue to its full potential?

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    its a bad idea to sell your Hardware !

    i tried to sell my 2 hours used Blofeld with with sampling licence and Expansions
    and my 4 hours used Mininova... they were like new and the deal was more than nice...

    i tought i have anything i need, all my expensive Softsynths and fx but
    a few Weeks later when i gave away my faulty Korg Synth i realized i need Hardware Synths
    for jamming very bad and now these two are my bedroom synthesizers.
    Jamming and creating new ideas without turning on Computer, Monitors, Interface, Display in the Studio
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