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Thread: I've been making beats by programming and god damn I love this!

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    I've been making beats by programming and god damn I love this!

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    This is something I'm working on using TidalCycles and Ableton 10. In the video I'm live coding a section from a piece I am hoping to complete with pure code. I have TidalCycles send MIDI data to a virtual MIDI device which is routed into Ableton. Pretty simple stuff. The programming language is Haskell, but to be honest most people who use TidalCycles don't know the language. The documentation is excellent.

    The powerful thing about this - at least for me - is the ability to create some pretty complex drum patterns very quickly. If you know Haskell you can create your own transformers to transform the MIDI data. It can get pretty deep quickly when you venture down the rabbit hole. The video doesn't really show much drum programming and the beat is pretty simple. But you can see the code for the drum pattern. I'm still getting used to it but it's powerful stuff when you can have code (and maybe even AI) to compose music.

    I definitely recommend you check out Tidal.
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    that is pretty rad

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